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Character Development

  • May 5, 2018

So, now that my book has been out in the world for almost two months and it has stretched its legs. Readers are reaching out and many ask where my characters came from.


My answer…every personal encounter that I’ve had in my 44 years of life has in some way, shape or form contributed to the characters in my story. Some people watch birds. I’m a people watcher. I’ve always been fascinated by the human dynamic. Hopefully, I’ve done well by capturing those observations and transferring them into enjoyable characters.


No one person or one experience is built into my stories. It’s a delicate blending of many people and many experiences that are behind each character’s make up. The goal is to have multi-dimensional creations that ebb and flow, grow and adapt, to the situations that I put them in.


Back to writing…deadlines are fast approaching! The Lion’s Mouth is “roaring” to life

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