Book 2 of the Nick Lawrence Series

With his second installment in the Nick Lawrence Series, Shea delivers a fast-paced, thrill-filled sequel to its well-received predecessor, Kill List.


For a young victim of human trafficking, FBI Agent Nick Lawrence is the only hope.

"A gripping and action-filled storyline make this sequel a standout page-turner." —Booklife Prize Critic’s Report

Nick Lawrence rejoins his old unit, the FBI’s Violent Crimes Against Children task force.

The career move puts him in Austin, Texas—and onto the case of a young girl on the run.

She’s been thrust into a foreign land against her will. Armed only with a set of skills bestowed by her father, she embarks on a perilous journey to keep a promise—as she is hunted by a ruthless human trafficking ring.

Nick teams up with local law enforcement, intent on saving the girl and dismantling the criminal organization trying to reach her first. But as a greater conspiracy unfolds, Nick finds himself in a deadly game of cat and mouse.

The opposition is more powerful than he could have imagined—and they’re intent on silencing him, and the girl, forever.

With his second installment in the Nick Lawrence Series, Shea delivers a fast-paced, thrill-filled sequel to its well-received predecessor, KILL LIST.


Reader Reviews

I read the [Pursuit of Justice] and loved the plot and how it took different twists and turns...this book, however, blew me away! The way Brian Shea describes the scenes the investigators come upon...and the way they individually react to them...leads me to believe he has experienced similar incidents in his professional life outside of writing. Gripping novel, I can not wait for the third book of the series. I hope there are more than three books coming!


This was an outstanding follow up story to [Kill List]. As I read the book, I got to know the characters from the first book even better. To top that off, I met some interesting new characters. I wanted to finish the book but I didn't want the story to end. I was very pleased to know that the third book in the series will arrive in November 2018. These characters and their adventures are not done yet.

Paul Ray Heinrich

[Pursuit of Justice] is a masterful piece of popular fiction; perfectly constructed to draw you in and keep you there. Shea expertly puts you in the action with deeply thoughtful description and measured grit. The very first page will bind you to an unassuming hero; a bond that will persist through the very end. I’d challenge anyone to read the first chapter of this novel and try to put it down.

I found [Kill List] to be a truly enjoyable read and was not entirely confident that the second installment could or would reach the high bar Shea had set with the first. Within minutes of cracking [Pursuit of Justice] I knew that he had surpassed it. The characters we already know become deeper. The characters we meet are incredibly intriguing. As I’ve now come to expect, the plot keeps you hyper-engaged and never stalls.

If you are reading this and haven’t picked up both of these books, do yourself a favor and get caught up before the final installment hits.

M. Harkins

Mr. Shea’s second installment was just as good if not better than his first. In addition to some great characters returning from his first book, his introduction of Anaya Patel brought me even closer to the story. As a child protective services supervisor, I was immediately drawn to her character. Anaya’s role in the book is integral to the storyline and having seen many of these types of cases in my own career, she is the epitomy of a great social worker. I am looking forward to what happens in the next book and hope to see more of Anaya and Nick. I highly recommend this book. Bring on part 3!!

Aurora G Contrino

"I couldn't put it down!!"

"a masterful piece of popular fiction"

"Outstanding read!"