The Butcher of Belarus | Brian Shea


Book 3 of 

the Sterling GrAy FBI Profiler Series


As a brutal serial killer terrorizes a migrant camp on the Polish border, an FBI profiler must get inside his twisted mind before another little girl is killed…

On the border between Poland and Belarus, thousands of migrants are struggling for survival. But illness and unsanitary conditions aren’t the worst of it.

The first girl’s death is too brutal to be an accident. The second sends a wave of panic through the camp.

When the third body is discovered, there’s no escaping the horrifying truth: a serial killer is on the loose inside the camp, and the local authorities are powerless to stop him.

FBI profiler Sterling Gray is an expert at reading troubled minds. On loan to Interpol, he is called in on behalf of the Polish government to assist in identifying the killer. Gray goes undercover as a member of the Doctors Without Borders program, using his time inside the camp to profile the killer, but quickly finds other dangers lurking around every corner…

Gray’s profile of the killer leads to a swift arrest, but something doesn’t feel right. And when a new shocking truth emerges, Gray must risk everything to return to the camps…or another little girl will die.

The clock is ticking. The hunt is on for the Butcher of Belarus.