The Camel's Back | Brian Christopher Shea

The Camel's Back

Book 1 of the Nick Lawrence Series

Three people, each at their own breaking point, collide. The resulting impact will forever change their lives... if they can manage to survive it.

It's the final straw that breaks us all.

Three people, each at their own breaking point, collide.  The resulting impact will forever change their lives…if they can manage to survive it.


Declan Enright, a former police officer recently fired over a controversial shooting, has reached a breaking point in his life.  Confronted with insurmountable financial burdens in the wake of his termination, Declan makes a desperate move to stabilize his situation for the benefit of his wife and three young daughters.  Tapping into his ingrained skill set, forged during his time as an operator in the Navy’s most elite special operations unit, Declan crosses over the line of right and wrong, discovering that nothing is black and white.  All while maintaining the balance of family and the needs of his non-communicative, three-year old Autistic daughter, Laney.


Nicholas Lawrence, an accomplished investigator with the FBI, voluntarily takes a reassignment from his human trafficking unit in Austin, Texas.  His transfer brings him to the bank robbery unit based out of Connecticut’s New Haven field office.  Nick’s decision to relocate, stemming from the recent death of his father, is done in effort to care for his aging mother suffering from the onset of dementia.  The burden of this decision is only slightly alleviated by the support of his partner, Isabella Martinez.


Khaled, a man who suffered an unimaginable loss several years back, makes the decision to leave his small village set in the foothills of Iraq’s Cheekha Dar Mountain.  He has traveled to the United States in the hope of seeking closure to the event that haunts his daily existence.  Khaled’s concept of closure is wrought with devastating consequences, plunging the country into a state of fear.  The best chance at thwarting this threat rests in the unlikely alliance formed between Declan, Nick and Isabella.  

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