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Twisting Real Life

  • May 13, 2018

So, I find that one of the challenges in writing thriller fiction is taking the realistic aspect of the “job” and tweaking it for entertainment value. As a detective and former Navy officer, I find that the biggest challenge is my direct knowledge of the way things really work. In writing a fictional story I am forced to take liberties.


The day in and day out grind of an investigation would for the most part be considered boring by any entertainment standards. My goal is to intertwine characters that might not normally interact in the real world. I take my experiences and build the scenes up so that the pacing is more dynamic.


I have made every effort in my stories to create a fast-pace to the event sequencing so that my readers stay in the moment. In the end, my books are designed to entertain with the hope that I’ve managed to maintain an underlying reality to the characters.

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