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Walk About

  • May 2, 2018

Every writer hits a wall or block to a scene or character’s story. The doomed “writers block” which so many authors have talked about. I’m a problem solver. My day job requires that I find solutions to cases that may seem otherwise unsolvable. To that end I have found that whenever I encounter a temporary derailment in my train of thought I separate and re-attack the problem.


Walking seems to be the most therapeutic remedy for removing any blockage from my plot line. Today, I woke up with a dilemma facing one of my characters. A critical scene that will change the flow of the rest of the book’s narrative. I found my self stuck. Conflicted by the potential new direction and I stopped writing.


I walked my littlest two girls to school. Only about a ten minute walk. On the way back, with signs of Spring bursting around me the solution came to me. My mind caught fire and I quickened my step so that I could return to my story.


The Lion’s Mouth is well on its way to completion and I look forward to sharing this with my readers this July…

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